CR550HC Overseeder Setup and Servicing

CR550HCDid you get a new CR550HC overseeder? Is it due for a service, or you need to address poor cutting performance? Here’s everything you need to know to set up this power rake and keep it performing at its best from checking the flail blades to replacing the drive belt.

Set Up

The CR550 comes fully assembled, but there are still a few things you’ll need to do before using it:

1. Flip the handle up and slide the lock loops down until they’re around both the upper and lower handle sections.
2. Add oil to the engine crankcase.
3. Add gasoline to the fuel tank.
4. Make sure the plug wire is connected to the spark plug.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Check the engine oil level and the air filter.
Every 25 hours: Grease the reel bearings, inspect the belt, oil the height adjustment linkage and check for damaged, worn or loose parts.

Blade wear will vary depending on how the rake is used.

Flail and Slicing Blades

Accessing the Blades
1. Let the engine cool and disconnect the spark plug. If it has a Honda engine, close the fuel valve.
2. Lean the unit back on its lower handles. Tie the handle down to a fixed object or place weights on the handle to keep the machine from tipping over.

Flail Blades
1. Inspect the blades. Replace blades that are cracked or bent.
2. Measure the blades from top to bottom. The blades should be replaced if they are less than three inches long. Billy Goat recommends replacing all of the blades at the same time.

Slicing Blade
1. Replace the blade if it’s bent or cracked.
2. Measure the blade from the center of the bolts to the blade tip. If it’s less than three inches, replace the blade.

Rotating the Flail Reel

The blades on the reel are double-sided so the reel can be flipped to use both blade faces.

1. Remove the 6 lock nuts holding the belt and shaft guards on the frame. The height adjuster will need to be lowered to reach some of these nuts. Remove the guards.
2. Remove the drive belt by walking it off of the groove in the reel pulley.
3. Remove the four lock nuts and washers that attach the bearings to the machine.
4. Slide the reel down and out of the rake.
4. Remove the cap screw, washer, reel pulley, key and spacer from the end of the reel. Install these parts in reverse order on the other end of the reel.
5. Reinstall the reel, pulley, and guards in reverse order.

Drive Belt Replacement

To replace the belt, you’ll need a ratchet wrench, a 3/8 inch socket, and a socket extension.

1. Remove 6 screws holding the belt guard onto the machine. Remove the guard.
2. Remove the belt by spinning the reel pulley and walking the belt off of the groove.
3. Walk the new belt on by spinning the reel pulley and pushing the belt into the groove.

Once the belt is in place, check the spring tension by closing the bail on the handle. The spring should stretch to a length of 1-1 ¼ inches. This length can be changed by adjusting the clutch cable.

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