Construction Cleanup with Billy Goat Vacuums, Blowers and Pressure Washers

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Land cleanup isn’t limited to landscaping: from groundbreaking to putting in the final touches, a clean work area is critical in construction. Billy Goat makes a range of equipment that can save time and improve the quality of your work.

Dust Collectors, Silica and New OSHA Regulations

OSHA has instituted new standards for respirable silica that they started enforcing late last year for construction. Silica is found in almost everything made from the earth’s crust from concrete to glass. It’s a recognized carcinogen, and inhaling silica dust it is like stabbing your lungs with tiny knives. The scar tissue left behind by these tiny cuts reduces lung function, causing a condition called silicosis. With enough exposure, this damage can be disabling or lethal. Workers who experience frequent light exposure can suffer from silicosis after 15 to 20 years, while heavy exposure can cut that time to 5 years or fewer.

Dust needs to be at least 40 microns to be visible, but respirable silica dust can be as small as three microns. This dust is present whenever concrete, stone, bricks, mortar or concrete is drilled or crushed. To remove the silica from the work area, it needs to be removed with a dust extractor with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. A shop vac is not a dust extractor, and neither is the QV Quietvac, despite its dust collection system. If you’ve been using one of these devices for cleanup around high dust applications, you need to upgrade to a HEPA vacuum, not only to meet regulations but to protect yourself and your coworkers.


A HEPA vacuum can handle tiny particles, but for general use, the QV Quietvac offers more power and flexibility when cleaning flat, paved surfaces. The head is designed to skim across cement and tarmac, lifting debris that would be missed by a lawn vac. It also has a hose that can be used to reach corners for thorough cleaning. Since it doesn’t have a heavy filtration system, it can pick up anything from leaves to cans, and the impeller can compact this debris for less frequent bag emptying.

This vacuum also has a dust sock that can be fitted over the bag. This traps fine particles, capturing dirt and keeping both the operator and the surrounding area clean when used in dry conditions.
Need more flexibility? The KV and MV multi-surface blowers don’t have the dust sock, but they will work on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Leaf Blowers and Debris Loaders

When you need to clean off a large area quickly, it’s hard to beat a walk-behind leaf blower. With at least 7 times the power of a backpack leaf blower, these units are ideal for moving large quantities of organic debris including wood chips left behind by tree removal.

In rural areas, these materials can be buried or burned, but in most cases, the debris needs to be disposed of. A debris loader uses an impeller design similar to a lawn vacuum, just scaled up to move massive amounts of material from the ground to a truck bed or trailer. Billy Goat makes models that can be used on anything from small pickups to large commercial vehicles.

Pressure Washers

If it’s outdoors, it can be cleaned with a pressure washer. While useful for washing away dirt from building extensions, they really shine at cleaning up concrete. The force of the water stream helps cleaners penetrate the porous surface of the pavement, removing dirt to create a clean work surface.

When selecting a detergent, keep in mind that chemicals that can remove oil stains can damage concrete. Biodegradable chemicals may be required in the area you’re operating in, as well as diversions away from storm drains to prevent cleaning chemicals and any from entering waterways.

Cut Job Times By Keeping Your Equipment In Good Running Condition

When you need to work on your Billy Goat equipment, you can get everything you need from We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and their manufacturing partners including engine and pump manufacturers, so you know you’ll always get quality OEM parts. Our site can show you factory diagrams and parts descriptions for your model and engine, making it easy to find exactly what you need. We can ship your order to any location in the USA or Canada.

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