Billy Goat Utility Trailer

Billy Goat makes great commercial lawn care equipment, but that high-quality construction also makes their devices extremely heavy. What’s the easiest way to get that equipment to the work site? Their own 372001 Utility Trailer. It’s built specifically to handle even their largest walk-behind lawn tools, making loading, securing, and unloading as simple as possible.


The bed on the Billy Goat utility trailer measures 3 ft x 5 ft, and it can support loads up to 550 lbs. That’s enough to handle the AE1300H 30-inch Hydro Aerator, Billy Goat’s heaviest piece of walk-behind equipment.


There are three big tie-down loops on each side of the trailer, making it easy to run rope or straps around whatever equipment you’re hauling. There are also slots in the sides of the bed that can hold 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 boards to give the equipment extra protection.


The trailer tongue has a two-inch ball hitch at the end, along with safety chains and a built-in jack stand. Two-inch balls are typically used with Class III and Class IV hitches found on trucks, SUVs and mini-vans. Due to its low height, a drop hitch may be needed when pulling the trailer with a lifted or 4×4 vehicle.

This trailer is mounted on 4.8 inch x 8 inch tires and can be safely towed at speeds up to 55 mph. The wheels are protected by steel fenders, deflecting rocks and other debris away from the equipment loaded on the trailer.

This utility trailer is small enough that lights aren’t required to use it in most states during the daytime, but it still comes with a set installed for safety when towing at night. These lights are wired to a standard 4-way flat blade connector. There’s also a line of reflective tape running across the front and sides of the trailer for extra visibility.

Loading and Unloading

Where are the ramps? This trailer doesn’t need them! Instead, the entire bed moves to make it accessible: just remove the lock down pin and lift the handle above the trailer tongue. This will lower and tilt the bed until it makes contact with the ground. Since there’s no axle, the bed drops between the wheels for an extremely low load height with a shallow angle. That means loading and unloading equipment can be done faster and with a lot less space than a traditional ramp-based system. The base of the bed is covered in skid plate decking to keep the equipment from sliding when moving it in and out of the trailer.

Where to Find Parts for the Billy Goat Utility Trailer

If you need parts for your Billy Goat, go to We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and for engine brands including Honda, Kohler, Subaru and Briggs & Stratton, so we have all the parts you need for your utility trailer and the equipment you’re hauling with it. Our site has built-in parts diagrams to help you find the exact parts you need, and we can ship those parts to any address in America and Canada.

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