Billy Goat SC121H Sod Cutter

Billy Goat SC121H Sod CutterCutting sod usually means using a big, heavy machine that can push down on the soil to remove the turf, but with the SC 121, Billy Goat has managed to reduce weight significantly while maintaining performance on landscaped lawns, making it less of a hassle to use and transport.

Keeping Weight and Size Low Without Compromising Performance

The SC 121h weighs 161 lbs, which is about half that of similar models, and the entire cutter measures just 16.5 x 30.75 inches. This makes it much less of a headache to turn and to transport between job sites. This equipment is designed for landscaped turf that has been pre-moistened and isn’t powerful or heavy enough to handle cutting on unbroken ground. Unless you’re reclaiming wilderness areas, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The blade can cut strips of sod that are 12 inches wide and up to 1.38 inches deep. Cutting depth can be adjusted using the center-mounted lever to ensure complete removal of the root system. From there, the blade can be engaged by closing the handle-mounted lever, letting you turn cutting on and off when changing direction or going across gravel, sidewalks and other obstacles.


This sod cutter is fitted with a two speed geared transmission that sends power the rear wheels. The gear is set using a lever next to the height adjuster, and the drive is engaged by closing the second handle-mounted lever. The transmission is sealed for reduced maintenance and wear from debris.

Since the engine is only needed to push the sod cutter across the turf, Billy Goat fits it with a 118 cc Honda GX-Series engine. Although small, it still has all the features that have made this engine series a staple of the industry including a design with proven reliability, easy starting, high fuel efficiency and low noise.

Comfort and Stability

While most compact sod cutters use three wheels, the SC 121 is mounted on four wheels for increased stability. It comes with tractor tread tires to help push the device through freshly cut soil, while the front uses standard turf tread tires to keep from damaging the surface of the turf before it’s removed. To keep bumps and vibrations at bay, 6 rubber mounts isolate the frame from the rest of the sod cutter, while all of the tires are pneumatic.


As with everything else made by Billy Goat, maintenance requirements are minor and the machine is designed to make working on it as easy as possible, requiring only common hand tools. The blade and drive belt only need to be replaced every 150 hours, while the blade needs sharpening every 25 hours, grease applied every 50 hours and transmission fluid replaced every 100 hours. The engine is positioned on the top of the frame to provide uninterrupted access to service points.


Billy Goat guarantees the SC 121H for one year, while Honda guarantees the engine for three years.

Getting Parts for Your Billy Goat Sod Cutter is a certified dealer for Billy Goat and Honda Engines, letting us provide factory replacements for everything on your sod cutter. Our website makes it easy to find parts based on your equipment model, and it can show you factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can be sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. We can have your order delivered to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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