Billy Goat Pressure Washer Overview

When it comes to outdoor cleanup, Billy Goat is well known for their vacuums and blowers. Recently, they’ve expanded their pressure washer offerings, including three new models to provide the capabilities needed by a range of users from residential owners to commercial and rental buyers. By combining Billy Goat’s trademark quality construction with pumps and engines from industry leaders, you can be sure your pressure washer will handle any job from washing cars to removing layers of dirt from construction equipment.

What You Get with a Billy Goat Pressure Washer

All models mount the engine and pump on a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with pneumatic tires for easy transport. The handle includes storage for the spray gun, hose and nozzles, keeping them within easy reach.

A 50-foot stainless steel braided hose and a spray gun with a 20-inch stainless steel wand is included with all models; these components are designed with the model’s pressure and output in mind to get the right balance between weight and durability. Both the gun and hose have quick disconnects for easy drainage and storage. 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree and soap nozzles are included, letting you use these washers to clean anything from vinyl siding to concrete.

Billy Goat offers four commercial quality models:


This brand-new model uses an Annovi Reverberi triplex pump. It uses a die cast pump body with a forged brass head and is backed by a 5-year commercial warranty. The pump is driven by a 205 cc Vanguard engine with Transport Guard, which cuts the fuel whenever the ignition is switched off, ensuring fuel won’t flood the carburetor or seep into the oil pump. This makes it a great choice for rental companies that want to offer a pressure washer that will endure transport and operation by new users.

Together, this pump and engine combination produces 2,500 PSI at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. That’s a peak output of 6,250 Cleaning Units.


Another recent addition, this washer has all the features of the PW25A0V, adding an upgraded pump that increases power to 3,000 PSI at 3 gallons per minute for a total of 9,000 Cleaning Units.


This new model combines an Annovi Reverberi triplex pump and a 270 cc Honda GX series engine. It produces 3,700 PSI at 3.5 gallons per minute for a total of 12,950 Cleaning Units.


The most powerful model in Billy Goat’s power washer lineup, the PW40S0H uses a CAT Pumps triplex pump. Designed for the hardest use conditions, this pump is resistant to heat, freezing, and corrosion, and uses industrial quality ceramic plungers. It’s driven by a 390cc Honda GX series engine, and both components are mounted on rubber isolators to reduce movement and increase life. Output for this model is 4,000 PSI at 4 gallons per minute for a total of 16,000 Cleaning Units.

Where to Get Parts for Billy Goat Pressure Washers carries everything you need to fix and maintain your pressure washer from small parts to complete engines. Our site’s search engine has built-in factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can quickly identify the part you need, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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