Billy Goat AE400 Series Aerator

ae400Aerators can keep your grass healthy for a beautiful lawn, but they can be a pain to use between frequent drum service, side weights, and awkward wheel placement. The AE400 addresses those issues, making it easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to service.


The AE400 comes with a 205 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, while the AE400H uses a 118 cc engine from Honda. Aside from the engines, these two models are identical.

Cutting Performance

The engine is linked via an o-ring style chain to a 19-inch wide roller with tine stars that hold 24 tines. By eliminating the drum used in most aerators, vibration and wear are decreased, improving operator comfort and reliability. This design also reduces possible contact between the machine and the ground, which reduces the chance of damage.

The tine arrangement provides a 4.5 x 7 inch pattern to break up the soil. This aerator comes with 0.625 x 3.5 inch coring tines, but Billy Goat also offers solid steel spikes if you don’t want to leave cores behind. With either design, you’ll get the softest engagement in the industry, opening up the top soil for water and air exposure without tearing up the turf.

Instead of bolt-on side weights, the AE400 has a water tank mounted directly over the tine roller. When filled, it adds 50 lbs. to the aerator for better traction and more penetration force. When the work is done, the tank can be drained to make the aerator easier to move.

Transport and Service

The Lift N Lock system lifts the rear of the aerator, making it easy to disengage the tines for easy transport and easy service. Each tine is held on by a single bolt, making it easy to replace or switch between spike and coring tines. The tine stars themselves can also be removed without completely disassembling the rear half of the machine, and the chain can be adjusted by turning a couple of bolts on the roller. The rest of the aerator’s equipment is accessible from the top of the deck for easy servicing.

The AE400 uses outboard wheels with no center wheel, reducing the chance of slipping and making it easy to roll up ramps into a trailer or truck bed. The Fold-N-Go handles flip down over the aerator to make it more compact during transport.

Where to Get Parts for Your Billy Goat AE400 Series Aerator

When you need parts for anything Billy Goat, new or old, go to We’re a certified dealer for Billy Goat and the engines used in their lawn care products including the Honda and Briggs & Stratton engines found in the AE400. Finding the right part is easy because we have factory parts diagrams and descriptions built into our search tools, letting you compare the part you’re ordering with the part you need. We even have parts manuals for older models including the AE400 online so you can find the part number for what you need for your aerator. We can ship anything you need from spikes to engine components to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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