6 Things You Should Do When You Store Your Equipment

Are you doing everything you should to protect your Billy Goat equipment while it’s in storage? Even if you know you need to keep batteries charged and drain the fuel system, there may be some things you’re overlooking. These tips will help you prevent damage to your equipment while you store it over the winter.

Brush It Off

Dirt doesn’t just look bad, it can hold in moisture, promoting rust. Give your equipment a thorough cleaning before you put it in storage. Avoid getting water on the engine and bearings, as this can contaminate oil and grease. A dry brush and rags are great for getting dirt off of your engine’s cooling fins and the crevices around transmissions, pulleys and handles.

Fog the Metal

Did you know it’s important to lubricate both the inside and outside of your equipment? Fogging oils leave a light layer of petroleum on exposed surfaces, preventing the formation of rust. You should apply a light coat on any unpainted metal parts before putting your equipment in storage.

Close the Engine

Open valves can let moisture get inside the engine, leading to rust and oil contamination. Fortunately, it’s easy to close them. Gently pull on the recoil starter, until you feel resistance. That resistance is caused by the compression stroke. You’re pushing against the air in the cylinder, because both the intake and exhaust valves are closed.

Apply Grease

Pushing fresh grease into bearings pushes out contaminated grease that holds water and contaminants. Do this after you clean your equipment, so you can force out any water that made it inside the bearings.

Keep Off the Pavement

Cement acts like a heat sink, drawing warmth out of anything it touches. This increases temperature fluctuations, which is hard on tires. Insulate your tires by laying down a piece of cardboard and parking your equipment on it. This also helps you find problems when you get your equipment out of storage in the spring. If you have an oil leak, it will be easy to see where it’s coming from.

Don’t Cover It

Putting a cover over your equipment may seem like a good idea. However, instead of protecting your Billy Goat from snow and rain, it can trap moisture inside, creating the perfect conditions for rust.

Fix Your Equipment Now, Before You Need It

If you aren’t using your equipment, you have plenty of time to perform maintenance and repairs before the spring rush starts. When you need parts for your Billy Goat, visit Billy Goat Parts. We’re an authorized dealer for Billy Goat and their manufacturing partners, which means we carry everything from spark plugs to sod blades. Our site even has factory diagrams, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering and where it goes on your machine. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We ship across the USA and Canada.

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