Which Lubricants Should I Use On My Billy Goat Equipment?

It takes a lot of lubricants to keep your equipment moving, including engine oil, transmission fluid and bearing grease. What products should you use on your Billy Goat equipment? Here’s what the company and their manufacturing partners recommend.

Engine Oil

All engines used in Billy Goat equipment require gasoline engine oil. The engine manufacturers recommend oils that meet API gasoline engine oil standards. Honda recommends API category SJ or higher, while Vanguard and Briggs & Stratton recommend API category SF or higher. These categories are backwards compatible. Most oils sold today fall under API category SN, so they meet these manufacturer requirements.
For most uses, 10W-30 oil is fine for all brands of engines. Honda recommends 30 weight oil when working in temperatures above 90°F. Switching to this weight reduces oil burning. Vanguard recommends their 15W-50 synthetic oil for temperatures ranging from 20 to 130°F, and 5W-30 oil for temperatures below 30°F.

Gear Oil

Unlike API engine oil categories, using a higher gear oil category isn’t a good idea. Higher numbers mean better pressure and temperature resistance. However, the additives required to meet these standards may damage some metals used in your gearbox. Likewise, detergents keep components clean, but they can leave a sticky film that will interfere with your transmission. Most Billy Goat equipment requires GL-3 non-detergent oil.

Light Oil

Light oils are used to lubricate cables, axles and chains. Water displacers are not light oils. While you can use these to clean and free up components, always follow their application with a coating of oil. Billy Goat recommends general purpose oil, non-wax chain lube, non-detergent oil, or silicone spray lube on these components.You can also use electric motor oil, which is a type of non-detergent oil.

Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid

The oil in Tuff Torq transmissions is designed to last the life of your equipment. However, if you need to top up the case after fixing a leaking seal, the company recommends using their own hydraulic fluid. This oil has the additives needed to meet the company’s service life requirements. If it isn’t available, use 10W-30 diesel engine oil.

Hydro-Gear recommends 15W-50 synthetic motor oil for the transaxles used in Billy Goat’s Hurricane leaf blowers.


Billy Goat recommends using NLGI Grade 2 grease in bearings. Multipurpose lithium grease is recommended. Marine and automotive Grade 2 grease is also safe to use on these components.

Need Something for Your Billy Goat?

Billy Goat Parts carries everything you need to maintain your Billy Goat equipment, including factory lubricants. We’re an authorized dealer for the company, as well as their manufacturing partners. That means we carry parts for your engine and transmission, not just the Billy Goat-built parts of your equipment. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. Our high demand parts sections list our OEM lubricants, and you can use our search engine to find anything else you need. We ship across the USA and Canada.

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