Using Your Pressure Washer for Summer Cleanup

Cleaning Buildings with a Pressure Washer Billy Goat

Your Billy Goat pressure washer may be primarily used for cleaning concrete, siding, and cars, but that’s not all it can do. Using the right techniques, you can use your power washer to clean the things you use most during the summer including your barbecue grill, your patio furniture, and your weekend vehicles.

Cleaning Your Grill

Disconnect the fuel supply. If your grill uses propane, disconnect the tank and move it out of the area. If it’s supplied by a natural gas line, disconnect the line and move the grill away from the line. Electric starters should be disconnected to prevent the connections from shorting.

Remove loose dirt by spraying the grill with a 40-degree spray tip.

Soap down the grill a pressure washer-safe degreaser. Cover every surface and let the detergent some time to work: typical dwell times are between two and 5 minutes.

Spray the grill again using the 40-degree tip. This should get most of the grease and dirt off.

Repeat the process, spraying oily areas with detergent, then spraying with water to peel off stubborn grease and dirt.

Once the grill is clean, go over it again with water one last time to wash off any remaining soap.

Let the grill dry for at least 24 hours before reconnecting the fuel and electric supply.

Patio Furniture

Remove the cushions and set them aside to keep them from getting wet.

Use a general purpose detergent for removing tough stains. When spraying, work from the top down. Streaking will be minimal, and this helps flush out dirt that runs down into corners on the furniture.

Use a 40-degree tip for painted surfaces. A 25-degree tip is safe for removing stubborn dirt on unpainted plastic surfaces. If there are spots that are still not clean, you may need to switch to a brush, soap and hot water.


Washing a boat is just like washing a car: you should let the detergent do the heavy lifting and use a 40-degree nozzle to rinse off dirt without damaging the paint. Before cleaning, be sure to remove any loose equipment like fenders and ropes.

Soap designed for cars will work, but detergents made specifically for boat cleaning will work better. This type of cleaner will have additives designed to remove algae build-up. Dwell times are longer than other detergents with most formulas needing 5-10 minutes to work. If possible, move the boat into the shade so the detergent won’t dry up before it’s time to wash it off.

When spraying around decals, double the distance between the spray tip and the boat and spray directly at the surface. If you spray at an angle, you risk peeling up the decals around the edges.

ATVs and UTVs

Let the engine and exhaust cool completely before cleaning. If the engine is already up to operating temperature, this can take up to half an hour. Avoid spraying the engine or intake. If water gets inside the engine, it will ruin the oil and in extreme cases can cause piston destroying hydrolock.

Unlike patio furniture, it’s usually better to keep the seat padding on as it usually covers the battery, wiring and other water-sensitive components. Avoid spraying the seats and any exposed electrical components.

If your vehicle has a chain drive, clean and lubricate it before using your pressure washer. Spraying the chain can push out lubricant, resulting in increased wear.

Use the washer to remove caked on mud and dirt before applying car soap. Dwell time is important as it lets the soap separate bugs and other sticky materials from the surface. You may need to rinse and soap bug-covered parts two or three times to get them all off.

As with boats, any decals should be sprayed head-on with the nozzle at least two feet from the surface to prevent them from peeling off of the body panels.

Get the Parts You Need to Keep Your Equipment Running

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