Using the AGR1300H Landscape Auger

AGR1300H Landscape AugerThe AGR1300H landscape auger isn’t just a new piece of Billy Goat equipment, it’s the first in a new category of augers. The AGR’s linkage-supported auger and hydrostatic drive make it faster, easier and more accurate than any other post hole digger on the market. Here’s what you need to know to get the best performance out of this machine.

Staying Safe While Using Your Auger

For your safety, Billy Goat recommends wearing gloves, eye protection, and closed-toe shoes when using the AGR1300H.

Whether you’re in the U.S. or Canada, dial 811 before you dig. This will connect you to a state or province office that handles underground utilities. They will arrange for utility companies to come to your digging site and mark off buried lines, so can avoid hitting them with your auger.

Selecting an Auger Bit

The AGR1200H has enough power to handle bits from 2 to 18 inches in width. A 7/8 square bit adapter comes standard. Billy Goat also offers 1 ¼ square and 1 3/8 hex adapters.

When using Billy Goat bits, you have a choice of three pilot bit and tooth materials: carbide, hardface, and dirt. Carbide is the hardest material, but it’s brittle and wears the fastest. Hardface is strong enough to handle striking most underground objects. Dirt teeth and bits are the softest, but last the longest cutting through soil.


Push the throttle lever, located on the right side next to the handle, all the way forward to “fast.” Pull out the choke lever, located on the front of the engine. Finally, pull the engine’s starter handle. Once the engine is running, push in the choke lever.

Using the Hydrostatic Drive

Check the drive bypass lever on the side of the machine. This lever should be to the left with the washer inside the frame to shut off the pump bypass. If you want to move the auger with the engine off, pull the lever out and to the right. This disengages the drive, letting the wheels roll freely.

The control levers are mounted below the operator handle. Move the right lever to roll forward, and the left lever to roll back. The farther you close each lever, the faster the auger will move.

Positioning and Setup

The linkage and strut system on the AGR1300H keeps the bit plumb when digging, requiring minimal repositioning.

To position the bit, first push down on the operator handle. This releases the transport lock. If you need to drill at an angle, pull out the quick release pin on the right side of the auger bit arm and put it in the hole on top of the arm. Move the bit left or right to the correct angle, then twist the T lever on the arm to lock the bit in place.

If you’re drilling on a hill or on rough terrain, engage the parking brakes. There is one for each rear wheel. Pushing the lower pedal engages the brake, and pushing the upper handle disengages it.


Pull the bit release pin, located between the operator handle and throttle control.

Push down on the operator handle to lower the bit.

When the end of the bit is touching the ground, use the auger control lever to engage the auger drive. Pulling the right side of the lever spins the bit clockwise, digging the bit into the soil. Keep some pressure on the operator handle while holding the auger control lever to dig a hole.

Occasionally, you will need to lift the bit to clear dirt out of the hole. With each foot of depth, lift up on the operator handle while keeping the auger control engaged.

If the auger gets stuck on a rock or other obstruction, pull the left side of the auger control handle to spin the bit counter-clockwise.

When you’re done drilling, release the pressure on the operator handle and let the struts lift the bit out of the hole.


The AGR1300H can be moved with the auger swinging freely for short distances. If you’re done drilling, put the bit in the transport position. Push the handle down, then push the transport lock lever, located on the right next to the linkage.

To stop the engine, move the throttle lever to “stop.”

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