Troubleshooting Guide for Billy Goat Brushcutters

BC26 Series Outback BrushcutterBilly Goat’s brushcutter is an excellent way to stay on top of brush growth around the home and prevent it from overtaking grass and causing aesthetic issues throughout the warmest months of the year. Despite being a highly durable piece of equipment, however, the brushcutter sometimes does suffer from minor maintenance issues and operational problems that can require a bit of downtime, diagnosis, and quick repair. Whether it’s the drive system, issues with the engine stalling, or any number of other common issues, most equipment owners will find that these problems are rare in frequency, easy to diagnose, and pretty straightforward to repair.

Common Problems: A Look at Causes and Solutions

Billy Goat’s brushcutters typically show minor problems after a great deal of wear and tear, with most of these problems easily diagnosed after a few moments of troubleshooting. Before assuming the worst, review the most common issues and the easiest ways to fix them.

1. The Self-Propelled Drive System Does Not Work

Typically, self-propelled operation fails when the drive belt isn’t properly seated or when the drive cable has failed. Make sure to check the drive belt’s condition and re-seat it if necessary. If this does not solve the issue, check the drive belt to make sure it’s properly seated, using the right amount of tension, and connected properly on both ends.

If the belt and cable checks don’t solve the issue, check the drive wheels and make sure that the required keys are installed on the brushcutter’s axles. Make sure a key is installed in the transaxle drive pulley, and check that the drive clutch idler has a full range of motion.

2. The Drive Belt Has Fallen Off

The drive belt is an absolutely essential part of any brush cutter. If it routinely falls off while the equipment is operational, there are several key things to check. First and foremost, check for pulley alignment issues. Make sure that there is no unnecessary wobble in the transaxle pulley and double-check to make sure that the pulley spacer is inserted into the assembly.

It’s also a good idea to check the condition of the belt itself. After a significant period of use, the drive belt may simply be excessively stretched. It will keep falling off the pullets no matter how many corrective actions are taken. To solve this issue, simply replace the drive belt with an OEM option from Billy Goat.

3. Self-Propulsion Creeps Along or Does Not Stop

Few things are riskier than a self-propulsion mechanism that is wildly inconsistent and unpredictable. If the brushcutter tends to creep along for extended periods during use, or if it refuses to stop moving forward even when the self-propelling mechanism is disengaged, there are a few common solutions. The first of these is to adjust the tension of the drive cable. If the tension is too great, the cable will not allow self-propulsion to fully disengage.

The drive clutch lever and idler could also be causing the issue. Check that the drive clutch lever has full freedom of movement. If it doesn’t, adjust the lever and cable appropriately. The drive clutch idler should also have full range of motion, with a position that falls flat against the drive belt.

4. The Engine Stalls When the Blade Lever is Engaged

This is a common issue with older brushcutters and those that have experienced a significant amount of use. The problem is almost always caused by the spindle assembly. The spindle that holds the brushcutter’s blades in place should be loose enough to rotate freely. If it isn’t, adjustments should be made to ensure the free range of motion for the spindle. The spindle should also have a bit of up-and-down mobility when properly assembled and adjusted.

5. The Clutch is Dragging

The likely cause of issues with the clutch is the absence of a spacer between the engine and clutch. This part should be replaced as quickly as possible with an OEM spacer from Billy Goat. If the spacer is not part of the problem, consider checking that the clutch and control lever both have freedom of movement. Another common cause of clutch problems is an improperly routed or fraying drive cable. If this is the case, adjust or replace the cable as necessary until the problem subsides.

Looking for Parts? Look No Further than

Getting a quick repair underway requires that equipment operators have the right parts on hand to manage any troubleshooting issue that arises. is an excellent resource for brushcutter owners, since it offers an intuitive parts search tool focused on Billy Goat equipment. The tool can easily filter available parts by the brushcutter’s model number, its engine type and manufacturer, or the exact part number required for a repair according to the operator’s manual. With a quick search and fast shipping, a repair can be underway in a matter of days and completed in a matter of moments.

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