Setting Up and Maintaining the LB352 “Little Billy” Lawn Vacuum

LB352 “Little Billy” Lawn VacuumIt may be small and have a simple design, but the new LB352 “Little Billy” still delivers the performance you expect from Billy Goat. Here’s what you need to know to get your new lawn vacuum up and running, and what you’ll need to do to keep it performing at its best for years to come.


Check the included engine manual for instructions on engine setup. Oil and fuel will need to be added, but the spark plug should be left disconnected until assembly is complete.

1. Rotate the upper handle up until it lines up with the lower handle. Tighten the knobs at the handle joint.
2. Attach the neck of the debris bag onto the discharge opening on the back of the machine.
3. Attach the two bag hanger straps to the handle.
4. Connect the spark plug wire.

Maintenance Schedule

Before each use: Clean the debris bag, check the bag strap for tightness
Every 5 hours or daily: Check for loose or damaged parts and excessive vibration

The bag needs to be cleaned periodically to let air flow through the fabric. How often it needs to be cleaned will depend on how much dust is being pulled through the vacuum.

Check the included engine manual for maintenance information. The air filter will need to be cleaned more often than recommended by the manufacturer when operating your vacuum in dusty conditions.

Bag Cleaning

If the bag fabric is clean, it should feel soft. As dirt clogs the pores, the fabric will stiffen and airflow will be reduced, hampering performance.

The bag can be cleaned with a pressure washer or machine washed to remove dirt from the fabric. Let the bag air dry before reinstalling. For convenience, you may consider getting a second bag so you always have one ready while the other bag is being cleaned.

Impeller Removal

The impeller may need to be removed to remove jams. Always use a new impeller bolt and lock washer when reinstalling the impeller.

1. Drain gas and oil from the engine.
2. Remove bag and upper handle.
3. Turn the vacuum over, supporting it so that the weight of the machine isn’t on the recoil starter.
4. Unscrew the nuts at the ends of the rear axle. Remove the parts of the axle in this order: washer, wheel, a second washer, spacer and finally the axle.
5. Remove the intake plate and the middle inlet plate behind it. You should now have full access to the impeller.
6. Remove the impeller bolt and lock washer.
7. Lift the impeller out of the housing. If it doesn’t want to move, get a bolt that has the same thickness and thread pitch as the impeller bolt, but is one inch longer. Thread this bolt by hand until it seats, then use it as an anchor point for a gear puller, attaching the arms of the puller to the back plate. Tighten the puller to lift the impeller off of the drive shaft.
8. Reinstall in reverse order. Tighten the new impeller bolt to 33-38 lb-ft.


Vacuum vibrates abnormally:
– The impeller is out of balance. Check it for debris buildup and damage.
– The engine isn’t bolted down.

Poor vacuum performance:
– The debris bag is dirty.
– The nozzle is too high to pick up debris.
– The nozzle is too low and is pushing debris around instead of picking them up.

The engine won’t start:
– The impeller is jammed by debris.
– There is a problem with the engine.

Get the Everything You Need for Your Vacuum From One Place

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