Grazor GH401H Crack Cleaner: Cutting Times for Sealcoat Preparation

There’s money to be made in seal coating, especially if you live somewhere that gets plenty of snow in the winter. Filling in cracks and sealing the surface of concrete driveways prevents damage from sun, ice, rock salt and chemicals. However, the coating can’t bind to the pavement if it’s dirty. With Billy Goat’s Grazor, you can quickly remove dirt and weeds from cracks, so they’re ready to be filled in and sealed.

How Does it Work?

A belt drive system connects the engine to a heavy-duty 8-inch wire brush. A declutch lever on the operator handle moves the idler pulley to engage the drive system. This lets the operator turn the brush drive on and off during use, so it’s only running while directly over cracks. The pulleys are designed to transfer maximum power while limiting sheave wear and smoothing engagement. Unlike other crack cleaners, engaging the drive system won’t jolt the machine, pushing the brush away from where you want to clean. While this machine is a favorite of professionals, it’s also simple enough for new users to learn. This makes the Grazor a great choice for rental businesses.

The brush can be set to 6 height settings. At the highest setting, the brush skims over the top of pavement, pulling out surface weeds and dirt. Drop the brush down to the bottom setting, and it can reach deep into large cracks. No matter how much material is being removed, this machine is capable of clearing a 5 foot crack in about 15 seconds.

A Stable, Easy to Maneuver Platform

The Grazor has a 19 inch wheelbase. A pair of 8-inch puncture-proof semi-pneumatic tires support the rear of the cleaner. Up front, there’s a 5-inch castor wheel with a solid tire. This castor can spin a full 360 degrees, making it easy to guide the brush along cracks. This long tripod setup makes the Grazor stable enough to use on slopes up to 20 degrees. The entire machine weighs 84 lbs, which is less than the smallest walk-behind mowers.


The Grazor is powered by a Honda GX120. Despite its size, this engine comes with all the features of larger Honda engines, including a cast iron cylinder sleeve, a dual element air filter, and Oil Alert automatic shutdown. Automatic decompression makes the engine easier to turn over when starting. A fuel shutoff valve prevents fuel from leaking into the carburetor and crankcase during transit. The entire fuel system can be drained by removing the sediment cup on the carburetor, so you don’t need to worry about stale fuel during storage. This engine makes 4 horsepower.


Honda guarantees their GX series engines for three years of commercial use with no hour limit. Billy Goat guarantees the rest of the Grazor, aside from wear parts like the wire wheel, for one year of commercial use.

We’re Your Source for Everything Billy Goat

Not all Billy Goat dealers are paving dealers, so it can be hard to find this crack cleaner. However, you can get all the parts you need for your Grazor from Billy Goat Parts. We’re a complete Billy Goat dealer, and we’re also an authorized dealer for Honda Engines. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can get replacement wire brushes, spark plugs, air filters, belts, and anything else you need for your equipment. Our site can filter parts results, so you only see what fits your model. It also has built-in factory parts diagrams, so you can be sure you know what you’re ordering. If you need something for your Billy Goat equipment, visit us at We ship across the US and Canada.

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