F18 Walk-Behind Leaf Blower: Big Power for Big Jobs

Do you need to move a lot of leaves and debris? Does a Hurricane Stander leaf blower seem like overkill? While the F18 is a compact walk-behind blower, it’s output is tremendous. Thanks to a V-Twin engine and large composite impeller, this machine has the power to clear the largest fields.


This leaf blower uses a composite housing and impeller. This lets Billy Goat form complex shapes that have tight tolerances between the blades and inner chamber. The final product eliminates voids and other sources of turbulence that are present in metal housing leaf blowers. This increases power and reduces engine wear. The lack of turbulence also keeps noise down. Despite pushing air through a 6 inch nozzle at almost 200 MPH, the F18 is quieter than many backpack blowers. Maintenance is easier, too. The impeller is cast in a single shot, so there are no fin bolts to work loose.
The F18 is powered by a Vanguard V-Twin making 18 horsepower. This commercial motor sits fully exposed behind the impeller housing, making it easy to work on. The F1802V is a push blower, while the F1802SPV adds a drive system. Despite the giant 570cc engine, this blower weighs just 179-189 lbs, depending on how it’s equipped.

Precision Control

The F18 rolls on a set of 13 x 5 inch pneumatic rear tires and one 10 x 3 inch pneumatic front tire, allowing it to roll over any terrain with ease. An optional caster wheel kit replaces the front wheel, allowing precise turns in tight quarters. Billy Goat fits this blower with a tall, offset handle. This places the operator directly behind the nozzle, so they have a clear view of the air stream and the surrounding leaves. The Aim N Shoot discharge nozzle has a lever mounted on the handle that controls the angle. Aiming down pushes leaves across the ground, while aiming up helps push collected leaves together in a pile.


The parking brake kit adds a set of metal forks that clamp down on the right tire. This makes it safe to park the blower on hills.
The quick hold down kit has a cleat that bolts to your trailer. When you set the blower over this cleat, it locks into place, requiring no extra tie downs before transport.
Want to make your blower even easier to maintain? Swap out the front pneumatic tire with an air-free foam filed tire.

Big or Small, if it’s Billy Goat, We Have the Parts You Need

Whether you have an F9, an F18, a Hurricane or anything in between, Billy Goat Parts has everything you need to keep your lawn equipment running. Looking for accessories? We have them. Need engine parts? We carry those, too. Our site can find parts based on your model and serial number, and it has built-in factory parts diagrams. That way, you can be sure you’re ordering parts that fit. Visit us at www.billygoatparts.com. We can ship your order to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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