CR550HC Overseeder Maintenance

Even through the CR550HC overseeder is a simple machine, there are still steps you need to take to keep it running. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your machine, as well as common repairs for the rake and drive belt system.

Maintenance Schedule

Always check the engine oil and air filter before you start the engine.
After every 25 hours of use, grease the reel bearings, oil the height adjustment linkage and inspect the belt.
The blade should be checked periodically for wear and chips. Blade wear will vary, depending on the soil in your area. These parts wear faster in areas with sandy or rocky soil.

Inspecting and Replacing Flail and Slicing Blades

1. Disconnect the spark plug. If equipped, close the fuel valve.
2. Lean the overseeder back on its handles, and place a weight over them to keep the machine tilted back.
3. Look over the blades. Replace any blade that is cracked or bent, or is less than three inches long. Billy Goat recommends replacing all flail blades at the same time, while slicing blades can be replaced individually.

Rotating the Reel Blades

The blades on the CR550HC are double-sided. Flipping the reel lets you change which side of the blades cuts the soil.

1. Remove the lock nuts holding on the shaft and belt guards. You need to move the height adjuster to reach some of these bolts. Set the guards aside.
2. Push the drive belt off of the pulleys.
3. Remove the nuts and washers from the bearings. Slide the reel out of the rake.
4. Remove the screw, washer, pulley, key and spacer from the end of the reel. Install these parts in the same order at the other end of the reel.
5. Reinstall the reel by following steps 1-3 in reverse order.

Drive Belt Replacement

Replace the drive belt if it’s cracked, or won’t fully engage the reel drive.

1. Unbolt and remove the belt guard.
2. Walk the old belt off of the pulleys. You may need to spin the reel pulley to get the belt off.
3. Walk the new belt onto the pulleys. Again, you may need to spin the reel pulley to get the belt onto the pulleys.
4. Close the reel engagement bail. The drive pulley spring should stretch 1 to 1.25 inches. Adjust the clutch cable until the spring stretch falls within this range.
5. Install the belt guard.

Do You Need Parts for Your Billy Goat?

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